Intermediate Level

Concentric Force

by Lori Watson


This larger-than life bracelet demands attention with it's eye-catching concentric elements. The main components are highlighted by beautiful glass rings. The style of this piece has a futuristic look that's bound to attract many compliments. 

This weave is extremely sensitive to ring size (and slightly different springback from different suppliers may cause the weave to fit differently). Be prepared to be flexible to adjust your design, or to order rings form a different supplier.

** NOTE: Blue Buddha currently does not carry instructions for this design. This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. **


 Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves, including the Building Block:

Chainmaille Building BlockBuilding Block Required
Concentric Force uses European 4-in-1 and Gridlock techniques.  You must be familiar with these weaves before attempting this project.  Try our Coiled Butterfly project to warm up for this weave!