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Blue Buddha Boutique and company founder Rebeca Mojica have been featured in magazines, newspapers and online articles. Check out some highlights of these news stories below. If you are a member of the media, please direct all inquiries to [email protected]


VoyageLA Magazine

January 2018

VoyageLA Magazine Inspiring Stories featuring Rebeca Mojica

Blue Buddha Boutique owner and founder Rebeca Mojica was honored to appear in the Most Inspiring Stories: Hollywood section of VoyageLA Magazine.

Read the full in-depth article to find out more about all three of her business endeavors: Blue Buddha Boutique, Rebeca Mojica Jewelry and Linkt Craft Kits.


Chicago Reader

January 2015

Reader Chicago Best of edition

Reader Chicago Best of Edition

The piece shown in the image is Poseidon’s Embrace by Blue Buddha Boutique owner and founder Rebeca Mojica.

Blue Buddha Boutique’s Chicago shop is honored to have been named Best Intimidating Jewelry in the annual Chicago Reader Best Of 2015 edition! For more info on our shop, see our B3 Retail Shop page.



Wirework Magazine Spring 2015.

This edition has an exciting new project from Rebeca Mojica. Check out our Braided Ladder kits.


Wirework Magazine

Fall, 2014

Wirework Magazine Fall 2014, BK-MAG-WIRE-FLL14, Wirework Magazine Fall 2014

This issue has a 16 page chainmaille booklet. It also includes two projects from B3 designers. Learn to create Rebeca's "Gaelic Rose Pendant" and Kat's "Spinal Column" bracelet using our complimenting kits.

Entrepreneur Magazine
March, 2014

Entrepreneur Magazine March 2014 cover - the Leadership Issue

This article features an interview with Rebeca Mojica about how to make the most of an entrepreneurial retreat. "A Breath of Fresh Air: 5 Reasons a Retreat is Good For Your Business" by by Sophia Dembling.

Crain's Chicago Business: 10 Things To Do This Weekend
March 6, 2014

Chicago Maker's Day 2014 - Top 10 Things to Do

Maker's Day—a free event organized by the Chicago Craft Mafia and Blue Buddha Boutique; is #3 on Crain's Chicago Business list of Top "10 Things To Do This Weekend." The event is open to the public and features crafty demonstrations and free make-and-takes.

Outside the Loop Radio
February, 2014

Chicago Craft Mafia and Blue Buddha Boutique present Maker's
Day 2014

Maker's Day—an event organized by the Chicago Craft Mafia and Blue Buddha Boutique; is included in this podcast. Rebeca Mojica is interviewed about the March 8 event, which is open to the public. For a recap of the event, check out the Chicago's Maker's Day video on YouTube.


The Crafts Report Magazine
February 2014

cover of The Crafts Report February 2014 issue

Profile in Success: Artistic Evolution
by Stephanie Finnegan

Rebeca Mojica and her work are featured in this 5-page article discussing Rebeca's signature chainmaille style, the beginnings of Blue Buddha Boutique, the chainmaille jewelry industry in general and the opening of Blue Buddha's brick and mortar retail store.



The Entrepreneur Review
February, 2014

Chainmaille supplier Blue Buddha

   Profile of jewelry artist Rebeca Mojica and her company Blue Buddha Boutique.

Beadstyle Magazine
November 2013

Beadstyle Magazine November 2013

The dramatic yet easy-to-make Elemental Leaves necklace appears in this issue. The necklace is a design by Rebeca Mojica and uses anodized aluminum jump rings and "scale" components from Blue Buddha Boutique.

Crain's Chicago Business
October 2013

jewelry-making classes in Chicago at Blue Buddha Boutique

The Grand Opening Party for Blue Buddha Boutique's retail store in Chicago is featured in this week's Chicago startup roundup.


Retailing Insight
Aug/Sept Holiday 2013

Tips on hosting classes and other crafty events

9 Steps to a Successful DIY Event
by Megy Karydes

Blue Buddha founder Rebeca Mojica shares her knowledge about teaching jewelry-making classes in a craft store.


The Crafts Report Magazine
May 2013

Leading jewelry supplier in Chicago, Blue Buddha Boutique

Blue Buddha Boutique's retail store, classrooms and education philosophy are featured in this issue.

Wirework Magazine
Spring 2013

Zeela Bracelet on cover of Wirework Magazine

The dramatic yet easy-to-make Zeela, a colorful chain mail bracelet by B3 founder Rebeca Mojica, appears in this issue of Wirework magazine and is featured on the cover. The piece appears under the title "On The Edge".

U.S. News
February 2012

     U.S. News 03-2012

       Rebeca is featured as one of "5 People Who Turned $1,000 Into $1 Million".


Bank of America Small Business Online Community
March 14, 2012

    Bank of America

 Rebeca talks about her choice to create and utilize an advisory board for her small business.


Copper in the Arts -
February 2012 magazine

Rebeca talks about how she got into chainmailling, discussing using different metals and admits she's a perfectionist — *wink*.


Art Jewelry Magazine
November 2011

Art Jewlery magazine

A great review of CHAINED can be found on pg 12 of this issue. "The beautifully detailed images make it easy to skim the text and still successfully complete the project. Mojica's use of richly colored rings not only enhances the weaves but inspire readers to test and expand their own color palette....With a healthy dose of history and how-to, this is a great book to add to your library, especially if you're just starting out in chainmaille or want to build a solid chainmaille skill set."

Chicago Reader
Volume 40, Number 46
August 4, 2011

Chicago Reader Rebeca's chainmaille mesh ring is featured as part of the Local Wares section. "If a diamond is forever, what does chain mail say?"


Art Jewelry Magazine
July 2011

Art Jewlery magazine Rebeca's haute couture piece “Poseidon's Embrace” is featured as part of the gallery section of this issue. Visit to see her piece and many other inspiring creations.
June 17, 2011

businessnewsdaily Rebeca is featured in this Father's Day article all about Entrepreneurs who were inspired by their dads. "The fact that someone could start with nothing and wind up owning property and starting their own business.... Well, isn't that what this country is all about?"


Entrepreneur Magazine
June, 2011

Entrepreneur Magazine Blue Buddha is featured in the article "Staff without payroll - What your business needs to know about volunteers and paying in barter". The article features Blue Buddha's short-term employment bartering program which allows people to choose to be paid in Blue Buddha products over an hourly rate.


Beads 2011 Buyer's Guide

Step by Step Wire Jewelry Our Anodized Niobium toggles are featured in the Steampunk section of Beads on Trend.


Crafts Report
May, 2011

Crafts Report Blue Buddha is featured in the article "When Business is Too Good" which examines what happens when craft businesses grow more quickly than expected. "Experienced crafters know that there's more to success than being good at one's craft; it also means being good at one's business..."


Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Apr/May 2011 Vol. 7 No. 2

Step by Step Wire Jewelry A review of Chained is included on page 62 of this magazine. Reviewer Sara Richardson concludes, "If you've been resisting making chainmaille pieces, Chained will definitely convince you to break out of your shell and try it. Go on, break out your pliers and make this beautiful jewelry!"


Perlen Poesie
March 2011

Perlen Poesie magazine

    Rebeca's first international publication! Read more and take a look inside on our blog.


Medill Reports
March 3, 2011

Medill Reports Rebeca's journalism Alma Mater interviews her about Blue Buddha's roots and continued growth despite the recession. Also features quotes from long-time Blue Buddha customer, Linda Johnson.


Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Dec 2010 / Jan 2011 Vol. 6 No. 6

Step by Step Wire Jewelry Rebeca's chainmaille Snowflake is featured on the cover of this issue. Follow her step-by-step instructions to create this project in a variety of metals. Snowflake kits are also available for sale in our supplies section. You can find out more about this issue's projects on our Magazine Supply List page.


December 2-5, 2010

Rebeca Mojica's Poseidon's Embrace necklace.

Rebeca's Poseidon's Embrace necklace was featured at the "One of a Kind" Art & Craft Show at the Merchandise Mart. It is photo # 8 of 29 in the slide show at MetroMix. This item was also the featured art work on the show's signature shopping bags.
December 3, 2010

Rebeca in the Blue Buddha Boutique booth at the One of a Kind show, December 2010.

Rebeca Mojica and the Blue Buddha Boutique booth at the "One of a Kind" Art & Craft Show at the Merchandise Mart.



Executive Travel
Nov-Dec, 2010

Executive Travel's magazine article Rebeca Mojica, owner of Blue Buddha Boutique, is the model for the article "Creating Successful Company Cultures" by Jackie Sloane. Rebeca "...focused on the enterprise she hoped to lead, including the culture she wanted...."
November 18, 2010

Rebeca Mojica contributes a tip for 10 Critical Tips For Entrepreneurs.

Rebeca contributed tip number 3 in the "10 Critical Tips For Entrepreneurs" article at
November 11, 2010

BlueBuddha's own Rebeca Mojica on How to Improve Morale in Tough Times.

Rebeca Mojica writes about Blue Buddha Boutique's work environment for the "How to Improve Morale in Tough Times" article at
October 25, 2010

BlueBuddha logo and chainmail ring on the web site.

Interview with Rebeca on growing Blue Buddha Boutique's online retail business, for the Success Stories section of


Art Jewelry Magazine
September 2010

Art Jewlery magazine article Rebeca's “It’ll always be Sears to Me” sculpture was featured in the Beyond Jewelry section of this issue.
August 2010 article

Morphing business models can boost sales, create jobs
by Ann Meyer

This article first appeared in the Chicago Tribune under the title Small Businesses have Flexibility to Make Big Changes.


Monsters & Money in the Morning
July 20, 2010

cbs2chicago show Rebeca made a guest appearance on this CBS show as an example of a small business thriving in challenging economic times.


Chicago Tribune
July 19, 2010


Small Businesses have Flexibility to Make Big Changes
by Ann Meyer

Blue Buddha Boutique is one of two companies featured in this article about what has helped some companies grow—and indeed, thrive—in recent years. The in-print version of the article featured a full-color photo of Rebeca.
July 2010 Cool Workplace Perks article Blue Buddha Boutique is honored to appear on in this interactive feature about Cool Workplace Perks. We’re thrilled to be among such good company!

January 2010

Wirework, Art Jewelry Magazine Rebeca's Crystal Ring Byzantine is featured on the cover of this annual publication. Follow her step-by-step instructions to create this impressive beginner project. Crystal Ring Byzantine kits are also available for sale in our supplies section.


Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards and Jewelry
December 2009

Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards and Jewelry An in-depth interview with Rebeca. Find out what she likes best about teaching chainmaille, what she recommends for beginners, and how she transitioned from working for others to owning her own business. Find out how her obsession with fractals and the universe influences her creations.


The Jewelry Connection on
November 2009

The Jewelry Connection Rebeca spoke with Mona Hair and Dr. Gail Devoid and answered listener questions in a 3-part video/radio interview. Rebeca tells how she discovered chainmaille and what inspires her as an artist.
Live The Jewelry Connection


October 2009

Art on TV Rebeca Mojica was a featured artist on Art-onTV this fall. During the interview, she talks about how she got started in chainmaille and shows off some of her fancier pieces, like the Sears Tower sculpture and the micromaille necklace Poseidon's Embrace.

Art on TV



Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Fall 2009

Step by Step Wire Jewelry

The Rainbow Connection
by Sarah Graham

Rebeca Mojica was interviewed for an article about colored jump rings, including anodized aluminum, enameled copper and anodized niobium.

Additionally, Blue Buddha jump rings were used for the Palau Reef Set by Charlene Anderson. You can find out more about this issue's projects on our Magazine Supply List page.

Women's Business Development Center
May 2009

Women's Business Development Center Success Stories Women's Business Development Center

Rebeca Mojica is featured as one of the success stories on the Women's Business Development Center's website.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
October 4, 2007


DIY: Chain Mail Makes for Eye-Catching Jewelry
by Tina Baine

Chainmaille has truly entered the mainstream, with more and more people looking to make their own. This article gives a brief introduction to the world of maille, complete with instructions for making a basic chainmaille weave. Rebeca of Blue Buddha Boutique is mentioned as a helpful online vendor of maille supplies. NOTE: Though the article says we have a store in California, it is actually finished jewelry that is sold through Lower Hater in San Francisco. (Refer to the locations page for their contact info.)


Chicago Tribune — At Play Section
August 30, 2007

haute couture chainmaille scarf

The Craft Mafia: These do-it-yourselfers have a secret: It's better to work together
by Becky Schlikerman
photos by Heather Stone

The craft scene is exploding in Chicago, and this article describes how the Chicago Craft Mafia (part of the national Craft Mafia) and the Renegrade Craft Fair are supporting the new generation of local crafters and helping define the industry.

At the top of the article is Blue Buddha Boutique founder Rebeca Mojica with her black chainmaille scarf.


eMasters: in-the-loop eZine
March 12, 2007

eMasters and in-the-loop eZine masthead mystique of maille rebeca mojica article


New York Times
January 11, 2007

Um, Uh, Like Call in the Speech Coach
by Hillary Chura
photo by Peter Wynn Thompson

Verbal communications is crucial to entrepreneurial success, and small businesses are no exception. This article explores the importance of good presention and voice skills in today's business world. Blue Buddha Boutique's Rebeca Mojica is quoted, and the article features a photograph of her working on the Sears Tower sculpture.

Read the article


Columbia Chronicle
December 12, 2006

columbia chronical chicago

chain mail jewelry
columbia chronicle chain mail jewelry article


Chicago Reader
December 8, 2006

chicago reader

chainmaille jewelry viperscale bracelet in Chicago Reader
click for close-up
chainmaille jewelry viperscale bracelet in Chicago Reader


carpal tunnel magazine

carpal tunnel magazine head

... While the goal of most craft fairs is to sell "already made" goods, the DIY Trunk Show will also offer free and low-cost workshops to teach new skills to anyone who wants to learn. Rebeca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique will be teaching basic chainmaille techniques andshowing visitors how to make a delicate pair of earrings. She successfully taught the workshop last year and enticed a few dozen folks to try their hand at making their own jewelry....

carpal tunner magazine article chainmail earrings


Chicago Journal
November 16, 2006

chicago journal magazine head

Quantum Rose Pendant as seen in Chicago Journal, the newspaper of Chicago's South Loop, Near West and West Loop neighborhoods.
DIY Trunk Show article chainmaille jewelry in Chicago Journal newspaper
click for larger image


CLTV - Metromix
Oct 5 - 9, 2006

chain maille jewelry style
chainmaille jewelry razor's edge boutique
chain maille jewelry style   chainmaille earring  chain maille jewelry style  

Jackie Tranchida reports:
"... As much as I love decorating my apartment, I love decorating myself even more.
That's why I snatched up these Rebeca Mojica earrings. Her chainlink pieces are among the many
done by Chi-town designers [at Razor's Edge Boutique] ... "


OT Magazine
Spring - Summer 2006
Scene Stealers / Halftime Hot Shots

chainmaille jewelry swag bag
click for larger image
OT provided athlete VIP gift bags at the Women's Sports Foundation's Billies Awards on April 20, 2006. Included in the LL Bean Large Totes were ... necklaces from Amy Peters' Studio and Blue Buddha Boutique ... chain maille jewelry style

For Her Information: Chicago
Aug Sept Oct 2006

Information Trends Girl   Savvy Products...In the know...What's happening & Places to Go

high fashion jewelry
chicago magazine

Blue Buddha Boutique Chainmaille Jewelry
Crafted of sterling silver and anodized niobium, each Japanese Diamond Bracelet is custom made. You select the colors, so your bracelet is truly a one-of-a-kind piece....

Also mentioned: Quantum Rose Pendant.


Your Life! Magazine
April - June 2006
Giveaway and Style Section

chainmaille jewelry giveaway chain maille jewelry style
Objects of Your Affection week of 4.21.06

luxury chainmaille jewelry

OverTime(OT) Magazine Provides Athlete VIP Swag Bags to
the Women's Sports Foundation's West Coast Gala 4.20.06

chain mail jewelry gift bag Billies Award

Gapers Block
January 2005
You've Got Maille

chainmail classes

Inside Publications
November 2004
Lillstreet Art Center can brighten the season

chainmail instructions

There are also several new workshops in Chain Maille with Rebeca Mojica. Check out her beautiful work in silver, gold and aluminum currently on view in the gallery. You'll be inspired!