Intermediate Level

Coiled Japanese Diamond Pendant

As seen on page 137 of Rebeca Mojica's book, CHAINED.

Create a delicate pendant that combines Japanese and coiling techniques. The coiled rings create a burst of color in this pendant that, from a distance, looks like intricate beadwork. Just be prepared to have many people ask if they can touch this piece, as it has a great tactile feel!

Follow the instructions for Japanese Diamond in Chained, and then embellish your piece with "coiled" rings following the techniques introcued in the final chapter of the book.


Chained BookInstructions for this Japanese Diamond project can be found in Rebeca Mojica's book, CHAINED: Create Gorgeous Jewelry One Ring at a Time.  This comprehensive book include tips and tricks for creating chainmaille as well as instructions for 22 projects ranging from beginning to expert level and dozens of variations ideas.