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I placed two orders within a short time, can you combine them?

If your order has not yet been sent to our shipping department, we can often combine it with an additional order placed within a very short amount of time from the original order.  Please note that, while we will reimburse your additional shipping fees, we will subtract a $3 convenience fee per order from your shipping refund.

While we can combine most orders, we cannot combine any discounts your total items might have qualified for.  For example, if you ordered 3 ring packs in the first order and then an additional 3 in the a second order, we are not able to apply the discounts you would have received had you placed an order for 6 ring packs in a single order to begin with.

For the best prices and speediest processing, we encourage you to make sure you have everything you need before submitting your order.  Shopping carts can be saved at any time, so feel free to save your cart and look it over/add more items later before you place your final order.

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