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Can I save my shopping cart and come back later?

Yes!  You can now save your shopping cart by logging in or creating an account on our site.  Once you have saved your cart, you never need to save it again.  It will stay up to date as you add, remove and change items in your cart.  Create as many saved carts as you like or use this feature to create your own chainmaille "wish lists".

Once you activate your saved cart and complete your order, it will no longer appear in the "Saved Shopping Carts" section of your account page.  Instead, look for it in the "Orders" section where you can shop from all (or at least most) of your previous orders.

Please note, items in your cart that have become discontinued or are out of stock, will drop out of the cart once you activate it as they are not currently available for purchase. This applies to all limited quantity and limited time only product such as “Maillers’ Choice” kits and sale items.