How do I care for my rubber chainmaille jewelry?

Caring for rubber chainmaille pieces: Your rubber chainmaille should be conditioned monthly (or every couple of months if you are not wearing it and it is stored in a plastic container). Conditioning your rubber chainmaille piece will prolong its life and restore it to its original sheen. If you do NOT condition your rubber, it will crack, split and get a white haze.

DO NOT USE PETROLEUM BASED OILS to condition your rubber chainmaille. It WILL deteriorate over time. To condition your rubber chainmaille place the item(s) in a zip lock bag. Spray items 2-5 times with TIRE SHINE/ARMOUR ALL, a little goes a long way. After closing bag, place between your hands and rub them together (like you’re trying to warm them up) for roughly 30 seconds. Take your item(s) out of the bag and rinse them under *hot running water. Dry item(s) with a towel or rag. Do not air dry your rubber ring items, they will become sticky and will need to be rinsed and towel dried again.

*Note:  If you have copper, jewelry brass or bronze rings combined with your rubber rings use cool water instead of hot.  Hot water will begin the tarnishing process on those metals and they will tarnish much faster than usual. Also, be careful with colored metals and do not clean them too often in this way as it will speed up the fading process.