Intermediate Level

Tapered Elegance Exclusive Kit

by Aimee Leang

Tapered Elegance

These designs are variants of the Elegant Hourglass by B3 Customer Care Supervisor Aimee Leang. You'll mix precious metals of gold-fill, rose gold-fill, and sterling silver with Swarovski® crystals to create timeless and elegant pieces.

Our chainmaille experts spent hours experimenting with the appropriate ring sizes and gauges to use, as mixing precious metals can be difficult due to different tensions across metals. We found the perfect combination, which means you can create the piece seamlessly —no size futzing necessary!

Necklace is shown with Indicolite crystals.)

 ** NOTE: No instructions are currently available for this design.  This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. **


Use the same materials to ceate a stunning Y-necklace, or a set of earrings and a single pendant.