Intermediate Level

Inclined to Shine Bracelet

by Kat Wisniewski


A striking procession of glamorous glass floats along a pronounced incline to adorn your wrist. Learn how to incorporate our shiny glass rings into European 4-1 to create this impressive bracelet. You'll love the way the glass rings align in beautiful diagonal rows - a great way to take your chainmaille to the next level!

Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves, including European 4-in-1 (Mesh)


PDF instructions are available for download through Interweave. Instructions can also be found in the October/November 2011 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. The magazine can be purchased directly from Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry.

Please note: You may find that not every bead in the kit slides smoothly onto the rings. This is due to slight wire gauge variations as well as variation in the size of the hole from bead to bead. However, we include more than enough beads with each kit to accommodate for this and allow you to complete the project.

Example shown right uses black for the H18 and L18 rings as well as gunmetal seed beads and blue iris glass rings. (For best results when adding colorful anodized aluminum to your bracelet, the artist recommends matching the L18 and H18 colors for this weave.)