Intermediate Level

Dreamcatcher Pendant

by Rebeca Mojica


This geometric rubbermaille pendant is a variation of the Biomechanical weave. As in Biomechanical, you can play around with color placement to highlight different structures of the weave. Lightweight and airy, this pendant comes together fairly quickly, and you can create several in different color schemes to match your mood and outfits!

The pendant uses a 10-gauge (SWG) 1.5" aluminum jump ring. If you can't find a ring of that size that is pre-closed, we recommend using duck-bill pliers or other study pliers to close such a big, tough ring. (And you can also use a 12ga ring instead).

10ga SWG (3.3 mm) 1½" (38 mm) AR = 11.5

(If you're curious, 1.5" translates to QQQQ in our lettering system!)

Once you're done, remember to hop on over to check out how to make the Dreamcatcher Earrings.

When deciding on colors for your pendant note that the large rubber ring is in the back of the pendant and is not seen from the front. The 4 large metal rings are partially visible; they are the corner purple rings (the folded pink rubber rings are threaded through these purple rings). The small rubber rings are the 8 tiny black rings in an "X" shape in the very center of the pendant.


This project uses techniques learned in our Biomechanical Bracelet tutorial. You MUST know Biomechanical before attempting this free chainmaille pattern variation.