Intermediate Level

Luxurious Cosmic Crystals

** NOTE: Blue Buddha currently does not carry instructions nor kits for this design. This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. If you were lucky enough to get one of these kits while we had them, you are lucky indeed! **

Our Exclusive Collection is all about your favorite chainmaille patterns offered in a luxurious fashion. Remember Rebeca’s Caribbean Paradise kits that were featured in Easy Wire magazine 2012? Well, we do and we feel it is lavish enough to be a part of our exclusive collection. Caribbean Paradise has been refashioned; it now features precious metals, niobium rings, matching handmade niobium toggles and ear wire, as well as fresh new colors of 20 mm Swarovski® crystal rings.

There are three different glamorous styles to choose from. Earring kits and bracelet kits are sold separately. Earring kits use the same 20 mm Swarovski® crystals (3/4  diameter) as the bracelet and are about 2" long.


Silver Night Cosmic Crystal Kits

  • Silver Night, reminiscent of a sparkling starry evening features a striking silver-toned blend of un-anodized niobium rings and ear wire, a handmade un-anodized niobium toggle, sterling silver rings and Silver Night 20 mm Swarovski® cosmic crystals.






  • Blue Shade features cool frosty flowing light blue anodized niobium rings and ear wire, a handmade light blue niobium infinity toggle, and Blue Shade 20 mm Swarovski® cosmic crystals.





  • Lilac Shadow is evocative of a romantic sunset with warm gold and soft pink tones. These kits feature iridescent pink niobium rings and ear wire, a handmade iridescent pink infinity toggle, rose gold-fill rings, and Lilac Shadow 20 mm Swarovski® cosmic crystals.





So why are these kits so special? We anodize our niobium rings and toggles by hand with care to create gorgeous results (check out the video here for a look at the how we do it!) The iridescent pink is the highest number on the niobium chart that we offer and takes the most time to anodize – so it’s extra special ;) These kits also feature handmade niobium toggles created by jewelry artist Daisy Kwan,they are then anodized by Electric Wizard Jason Scerena.