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Tens of thousands of customers have purchased from Blue Buddha Boutique since 2003. We are honored and humbled that so many have left positive reviews and honest feedback.

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Customer Comments

16 January 2016 Overwhelmed! That's the word I have for the care and continued support you guys are extending to customers in spite of the store closing in just a couple of months! You guys have been my go to place for everything mail related! It broke my heart to hear you are closing. I am an engineer by profession but a completed piece of jewelry makes me happy and that's what I want to feel. Saritha D, India


6 January 2016 Every order I have made with B3 has been an absolutely fantastic experience. It has been a great time watching the company expand from the early days and I wish Rebeca and her team the best in the future, Thanks for everything! Ian C, Boise ID


4 January 2016 My heart is broken with the news that you are going to close. You were always the place I went to for instructions on difficult weaves. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and look forward to your next venture. Thank you for helping me get started on the right foot as now I am a chainmaile addict. Cass S, Scottville MI


3 December 2015 My very first purchase was a set of instructions and unfortunately, the pdf received did not work. One email to B3 and it was fixed immediately and a working pdf was provided within hours. Mistakes happen everywhere, but these guys rectified it immediately. Would happily shop with them again, and will. Carina I, Hitchin Great Britian


10 October 2015 I just love your web-site and tutorials! I have watched all of the You tube videos at least once and this is my second order in about a week. The products are awesome and the videos are outstanding :). Edwin S, Adel IA


22 July 2015 I owe all of this to Rebeca, I taught myself this addiction/ obsession using Chained, and now here I am a couple years later with a tiny one-woman operation weaving & selling my own work. Stephanie H, West Yarmouth MA.


22 July 2015 Awesome! As always you are just awesome!!!! I love to share the quality of your product with people. It is just so awesome (word of the day). Alan G, Arlington VA.


21 July 2015 Your customer service is awesome! You have a loyal customer forever :-) Sandy L, Lodi CA


8 July 2015 I recently received my first order from you and tried the "off colors" to see what they were like. (I have already used your standard colors from a local distributor.) Some of the colors were gorgeous! The mid shades like the periwinkle and the iridescent pastels looked fabulous. Thanks for the quick service! -- Nicole S, Altoona, IA

12 June 2015 Dear Awesome B3 Folks, I just wanted to say thank you for being so amazing. I recently had to do a rush order on a bunch of bronze rings and you got them to me much faster than I expected. Thanks again for all you do—the hard work, the dedication, and the wonderful customer service. I have been chainmailling for a few years, but you all at B3 have inspired me to take it to a whole new level. Your loyal customer -- Robyn C, Magnolia, TX
22 May 2015 I love your rings and the colors of the AA and so did my customers!!  The bracelets I made with them flew off the table. :-)  Thanks again. -- Paula G, Prince George, BC, Canada


8 May 2015 My order from 4/25 arrived yesterday. Thank you for your fast service. I started straight away to put the Illusion earrings together, not as easy as I thought, being a complete beginner. But I'm hooked and put another order in this afternoon. -- Rosemarie M, Singleton, Western Australia, Australia


3 April 2015 I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received with my last two orders. Ship time in the past has been too long, but I was very pleased with how quickly my orders arrived and one kit had a missing component that was sent right out. I am a very happy customer and thankfully so, I have decided that chain maille is my favorite out of all the different jewelry I have done, and you guys have the best site and selection.Have a nice day –– Karen N, ME


15 May, 2015 I just wanted to say that I still love your people, site and store. I fell off the maille wagon after my son was born, but now that I've started to have some free time again it's nice to come back and see BBB doing so awesome. Fabulous store and people and site! –– Brooke A. U.S.


28 March, 2015 You guys are the most efficient, quality, and nice place I have found in all of my searching for a source of chainmail supplies. Materials themselves were all quality and packaged extremely well, customer service was phenomenal, and the processing and shipping was extremely fast. I appreciate you guys so much, keep up the great work. –– Sebastian B. Bolingbrook IL, U.S.


19 March, 2015 I have purchased all your books and love your designs in Bead & Button Magazine, but most importantly, I love your spirit and will continue to purchase items created by Rebeca Mojica. You continue to inspire me and to produce great products and designs. I will continue to support your efforts because they support my jewelry making. Additionally, I like your clasps; the quality is good, exactly what as described, and the price is excellent. -- Helen L, Bowie MD U.S.


18 March, 2015 I just wanted to say how amazing my starter kit was! The instructions were so clear and easy to follow; I love the bracelet I created. Can't wait to get started on my next project! --Jamie K Rose Hill KS, U.S.


18 March, 2015 What an awesome site to order from. The "note to self" is fantastic, I have often ordered beads and had forgotten what project they were for when they arrived. Also saving the cart for later use is great, thanks for that, have often lost the contents of carts on other websites. Looking forward to tons of business with you guys! Ursula O., Boulder CO


18 March, 2015 I got it today and my links are GORGEOUS. I love your colors! I've ordered elsewhere but I love your colors better. –– Lizabeth C., Lincoln City Oregon. 


17 March, 2015You are my favourite jewelry-making supply store. I couldn't be more excited about the faux gold rings. And I love love love your kits & instructions. Keep rockin' on, you guys. Your passion shows. –– Julie M., U.S.


13 March, 2015 I used to have to drive to Virginia to get links for my projects, but then the store stopped selling the links altogether. I had heard about Blue Buddha and decided to give it a shot. The website was really easy to navigate and I was extremely happy with how fast I received my order. I ordered around Christmas time and in my package I received a handwritten note with a Santa Claus drawn on it! I still have it. The customer service is phenomenal, B3 is definitely my new number one source for all my chainmaille projects! Thank you. – Casey R, Woodstock MD


21 January 2015 Really appreciated the courtesy you extended to me! I will be a loyal customer!!!!!! –– Brenda K, Southport NC U.S.


8 May 2014 I have a new obsession! Thanks for the great products and prices. –– Robin P., U.S.

20 April 2014 I received my first order -- the Celtic Visions starter kit -- on Friday, and have just finished the bracelet. I'm really impressed with the quality of the materials and how clear the instructions were. I've never done chainmaille before and don't have much experience with jewelry making so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to grasp the basics. I've already placed another order and feel a bit of withdrawal setting in. :) –– Carol W., U.S.

8 October, 2013 I appreciate being able to add a comment to my order items as I’ve been known to order rings and then wonder what I planned to do with them when I receive them. And I love all the new kits and projects. Thanks for recharging my love of chainmaille. –– Marla W., US

1 October, 2013 I really enjoy your site! I love how you have coded all the ring sizes with a letter! It makes it very easy to shop for and easy to understand. Thank you! –– Penguin W., US

15 September, 2013 A big THANK YOU to all the ladies at the Pop Up Shop. They all are super helpful!!! –– Mara W., US

28 June, 2013 I love just about everything I see here and have ordered several kits. What a fun hobby! Great gifts as well! –– Zachary S. P., US

20 May, 2013 The book Chained by Rebeca is great. The illustrations are very clear and the directions are so easy to follow. I have other chain mail books and this one is my favorite! I really like the Floating Bead Necklace on page 93. –– Deborah S., US

12 May, 2013 One week ago I got my order and I love everything! I ordered some jump rings to try around, the CHAINED book, and some kits. I don’t know where to start... But first things first: I really appreciate the quality of your rings! The kerf is so smooth, it’s unbelievable. So far, I finished the Bold & Brilliant Byzantine from copper, burgundy, and light rose glass rings. And I did a Box Chain Bracelet for my husband as well as a fieldstone pendant from gunmetal AA. I posted some photos on my blog. This was not the last order I placed :o) –– Melina F., DE

1 May, 2013 I just wanted to thank you for having a great website, excellent customer service, and the best quality products. Using your jump rings in my projects has been a pleasure. If you are going to go through all the work required (and fun) that it takes to make the jewelry I sell, you really need to buy quality rings. Thanks for having them! –– Kathryn K., US

8 April, 2013 I received my order for the faded rings from the sale and I simply love them! I made a friend of mine a 3 connector Byzantine out of the pink and she gave it to her mother who is a breast cancer survivor and it was perfect. –– melissa s., US

16 March, 2013 I love the web site and know I will be ordering bunches. I purchased CHAINED and cannot wait to do everything in it. You took the scare out of it so a new life begins. hehe –– Pam L., US

13 March, 2013 Love chain maille, this site looks like a lot of fun creative people live here!!!! Ordered the shaggy loops kit and it arrived in record time; can't wait to put it together!! –– Tanya S., US

20 February, 2013 Quality of rings superior to others I have tried. Speedy delivery is also essential when working under a deadline for project. Will continue ordering from you for a long time. –– Sharon S., US

19 February, 2013 I really like ordering its easy. I love the colors of the rings. –– Mary R., US

15 February, 2013 I love the site! –– Susan L., US

14 February, 2013 Thanks for all your help. CHAINED is an excellent book. No better way to learn chain maille. –– Robert A., US

14 February, 2013 Best place to buy my supplies. Great customer service and wonderful response time. Thanks ya'll. Triple B keeps me inspired and keeps me weaving. –– Mary-Lou K., US

11 February, 2013 I love your website, it inspies me to get started again making jewelry. I took a beginners chainmaille earring class with Kat at Caravan Beads some time ago and loved it. Its nice to know that you have your own space now and I won't have to wait to take another class. See you in a class soon! –– Laurita W., US

7 February, 2013 I have to say customer service at B3 is outstanding! The products are high quality, the turn around time is rapid, and any questions/comments/concerns are addressed immediately. Customer service is the cornerstone of any good business and B3 definitely gets it right. They are now going to be my primary supplier indefinitely. Thanks for a great job!!!! –– Danielle K., US

4 February, 2013 Your staff goes above and beyond for your customers. If only every company could be more like B3!! –– Jennifer T., US

2 February, 2013 I have been a loyal Blue Buddha customer for awhile now and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your awesome customer service and high quality rings and findings. My husband and I have had a jewelry business since 2008 and have seen chain maille becoming more and more popular each year. I especially want to give kudos to both Aimee and Dan; their customer service is wonderful. Thank you for serving us chain maille addicts!! I also love Rebeca's "Chained" book and hope, in the future, she will do another one. Love you guys!! –– Nancy B., US

29 January, 2013 Love the site and fast shipping on supplies! –– Hilda W., US

25 January, 2013 Thanks Blue Buddha for left hand instructions. I live in a rural area where there are no classes, so I taught myself. Love the quality of your products, getting ready to order again. Thanks –– Kimala F., US

27 November, 2012 So excited to start a project. Your site is fantastic!! Much easier to use than many others!! –– Anonymous, US

25 November, 2012 i can't tell you how exciting it is to see that you offer kits and instructions for us lefties! i've tried to learn chain maille before but trying to follow instructions for righties just wasn't working for me. i can't wait to order some things and get started. thanks so much!!!! –– Jann M., US

29 October, 2012 I have a few hobbies and your site makes things easy to find. I like the fact that you provide the ring sizes and the project they are best for. Thanks!! –– Anonymous, US

21 October, 2012 This is the website I have been looking for! First of all, it's obviously THE chain maille mecca. And the website itself is beautiful, efficient, and wonderfully energetic. I hardly know where to start! Thank you! Shannon –– Shannon G., US

6 September, 2012 I have just received my copy of Chained and love it. I am only new to chain mailleing but after viewing your web site and looking through your wonderful book my head is so full of wonderful ideas! Do I really need to waste time sleeping? Thank you so much! –– Camille L., AU

31 August, 2012 I learned how to make chain maille jewelry with Rebeca's book "Chained" and from the very first piece I made I was hooked! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow,the pieces are beautiful, and the rings are the best quality I've found. Thanks to everyone at 3B!! –– Amy K., US

28 August, 2012 your site is absolute great. I love the links and how organized things are. your check out system is so easy and love the way the instructions pop up after you return. thanks so much. look forward to receiving my kits. –– Shirlee O., US

5 August, 2012 I am new to chainmaille. Your instructions are so easy to follow that I've exhausted my supply of rings. I can't wait to try some of the kits on the website. –– Ryane W., US

4 August, 2012 I just wanted to say thank you for all the work on your FAQ page: "What do your ring names mean?"!! It saves me so much working having the conversions right there! :) –– Misty N., US

24 July, 2012 I would like to thank Rebecca Mojica. I have a couple of her books as well as some of the kits from the website, & she has helped me expand my knowledge base sufficiently to the point where I'm able to imagine new ways to use rings to get the design I want. You have truly been integral to my growth, so much so that I'm creating new things all the time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. –– John R. F., US

23 July, 2012 Just want to let Rebecca know that after 2 years of trying to "get" the dragonscale weave from her pattern, I finally had an "aha" moment! Her patterns with great photos and oh-so-helpful tips are the best around. Not a single problem with her directions ... it was all me with a clogged brain! Thanks for the extremes you go through to help us understand chainmaille with your attention to detail in every regard. –– Pamela J., US

17 July, 2012 Hi, thanks for the great site and info, it's wonderful. –– Chris I., US

13 July, 2012 Got my order today! I love the iridescent gunmetal! Also, thanks for the "extra" gift rings! Such a nice touch....after coming home form a long day at work its the best:) –– Mike, US

2 July, 2012 Placed my order on 6/29 and it arrived on 7/2. Instant gratification! Love, love your rings, patterns and just about everything on your site. So pleased with your service, site, blog and especially my new projects. –– Mary Ann A., US

13 June, 2012 Love the gunmetal mix!! I can not wait to start my projects using these rings. I hope you don't sell out soon. I need to make my order to get even more!! –– Ann S., US

11 June, 2012 I have become so inspired by chainmail and your amazing book and amazing online store. By creating beautiful artwork, I've become confident in my abilities and in myself. You guys rock! –– Lea W., CA

10 June, 2012 I can not tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy B3's products. I have been making jewelry for years and have not been able to find Chainmaille rings of as high a quality. I am never disappointed and have ordered thousands of rings from you. Your customer service is wonderful and patterns are always fun and exciting to learn. Thanks to you all, I will always be a loyal customer. –– Tami H., US

04 May, 2012 I found your book in the library and was inspired to buy some of your kits. Your delivery was exemplary - less than a week to NZ and beautifully packaged. I've loved making the kits and I think I have a new obsession! Just can't wait to try new weaves and designs. Thanks. –– Marie E., NZ

09 April, 2012 Love your site! I'm very new to chain maille, but a hobby I'm enjoying. Found your site and love all that I see! I've placed 2 orders already. The first order was received and shipped very quickly. I look forward to years of my hobby and working with your site. Thanks for a great product and a site that is easy to use. Keep up the good work! –– Mealnie W., US

05 April, 2012 I recently bought your book "Chained" It is awesome! I am a newbie at chainmaille and I can't find anyone near by that does it so I'm teaching myself. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent on the computer looking for designs, tutorials and supplies. Thank You so much for writing your book and all the inspiration! –– Teresa T., US

31 March, 2012 I had been buying my rings from another supplier for years when I came upon your site. I placed an order from you and I will never order from anyone else. I love the packaging and the quality of your rings. Some that I had ordered from the competitor were loaded with burrs, making them unusable for jewelry making. I am also thrilled with all the instructables you have for sale. Helped to widen my selection greatly. Thanks again for great service and keep up the great work. –– Kathy K., US

14 March, 2012 Just wanted to say Thank-You for making your instructions for left handed people! –– Anna May S., US

4 March, 2012 I was clicking around at your website, looking for design ideas & inspiration & was very excited to see my name & design (Rings of a Different Color) mentioned on your Magazine Projects page. The whole process has been wonderful, right from the beginning. This was my first chain mail project & your ring picker made it easy for me to select exactly what I wanted, at prices that didn't break the bank. When I had a question, BB's staff was there to patiently answer it. I have found many more great ideas on your website & am busy figuring out what to make next. I wanted to pass along my heartfelt thanks to all of you at Blue Buddha! –– Holly K, France

29 February, 2012 I've been dying to get my hands wet in the pool of chain mail. So far, if I understand what I'm doing in your store; I've ordered everything I need to get started. I found your website in my newest 'Bead Style' magazine. I'm so excited, I can't wait to receive my order so I can get down to business with my new projects. Thanks for being here. I look forward to doing business with you from now on. Thanks again! –– Wendy L. M-B., US

20 February, 2012 I got my second order from you and continue to be impressed with the rings. Thank you for making it so easy to order. –– Ada A., US

17 February, 2012 I'm so pleased with your quality of the aluminum rings and the help I recived with my order. Thank you. –– Sigrid E., US

12 February, 2012 I love your website, it is one of the only sites that have so many jump rings with so many choices of colors and sizes. Thanks again. –– Judy D., US

01 February, 2012 OMG!!! Customer service is the best here!! Aimee and Nadja rock the office!! Aimee is SO patience with me when I call, she helps me find the right rings and colors! Gives me feedback about the projects I want to do and can do,she is an angel!! I have becomed obessed with the new hobby I have! I love it! Thanks to the DIY craft show!! Aimee, thanks again for all your help!! I will be calliing you soon!! –– Miki O., US

02 December 2011 I met you a few years ago at the Bead and Button Show and fell in love with all of you!!! Recently, Eclectica, near where I live, started selling some of your kits. I was so excited to see them!! I hoping that more of them are coming soon! Thanks again for all the great ideas and supplies. Happy Holidays! –– Julie G., US

15 November 2011 You're the best. –– Diana F., US

14 November 2011 Rebeca, you always seem to amaze me with your maille pieces and glad to see Spider's name on your website cause besides you, I'm a fan of her work too, you're both inspirations to me. –– Alison C., US

01 November 2011 I believe Chained is the best jewelry book I have. There isn't anything in included that I don't like. The instructions are easy and the photos are clear, sharp, beautiful. –– Cheryl M. K., US

25 October 2011 Love everything I have purchased. Instructions are easy to read and help is readily available. You guys are the best!! –– Sheryl G., US

11 October 2011 I've been making chainmaille since April 2005 and I've only just started ordering my supplies from you but I just gotta say, you've earned a customer for life! I can't believe I never ordered from you before! The quality of both the product and customer service is amazing, not to mention the lightning fast shipping. Your ring picker tool makes ordering a breeze and your website is beyond easy to navigate. As far as I'm concerned you are the BEST of the BEST in this business and I'll never have to think twice about where to get my fix ever again! :-D –– Deni C., US

16 October 2011 I have bought many books and DVDs, but yours is by far the best. The instructions are well written and the pictures are wonderful, can't wait to get started. Thanks for directions and pictures that are so descriptive and easy to understand. –– Carol H., US

30 September 2011 I have never did chain maille before. I had always admired other crafter's work. I decided that I would like to learn. I picked up your book, Chained, in the book store and it was the best thing I have ever done. It was so easy to follow and very interesting. I ordered the rings from your web site and I was off and running. I have received so many compliments on my work. Thank you for writing the book and providing such outstanding material. Now I just need to get creative. –– Jay H., US

28 September 2011 Just had to add my voice to the others praising B3—specifically your customer service. Aimee is the best!! I phoned a couple of days ago to ask about a problem I was having with a clasp: Aimee listened, checked things out on her end, and finally offered to send me a replacement---for free! And more than that she sympathetically listened to me whine about my battle closing those @*#@##* stainless steel F18's!! Now that's way above and beyond….Thanks again! –– Leslie B., US

16 September 2011 I LOVE you guys!!!! Thanx SOO much for the service you provide! I cant find any other place that has such GREAT quality supplies At such CRAZY LOW prices! I would LOVE it if you guys did national retail stores! THANKS AGAIN!!:-D!!!!! –– Boston M. H., US

15 September 2011 I can't WAIT to start making beautiful Chain Maille bracelets and necklaces!! I have heard nothing but FANTASTIC comments about and am looking forward to ordering from your company!! –– Heide, US

12 September 2011 I received my order already. Thank you for the very prompt service. The instructions I ordered are clearly written and presented very nicely in the clear cover. Silver jump rings look great, can't wait to use them. I am sure I will be ordering many more times. –– Melinda F., US

10 September 2011 Love your website and your jump ring chart! You saved a beginning chain mailler from going horribly wrong. Thank you!!!! –– Elissa, US

08 September 2011 Love the quality of your products and sooo many beautiful colors!! –– Sheryl G., US

06 September 2011 thank you so much for giving me something to do while my husband is away fighting in this war time. I have yet to sell any of the product i have made only cause i want him to see what i have made first. I know when he gets home next year he will have alot to look through. Thank you for helping me keep my hands and mind busy. –– Angela H., US

14 August 2011 I became intrigued with chain maille when I happened upon Rebeca's "Chained" book in a local craft store. I started slowly....picking up cheap jump rings locally...figured I needed to learn what I was doing before investing in more expensive supplies. Once I felt I was ready to move up to better quality raw materials, I did my homework.....hours and hours through many, many different internet sites amassing information and comparing prices, etc. I placed three separate orders to the top 3 suppliers (in my opinion). I was astonished at the difference in what I received. Of the three, BBB was by far the BEST!!! I received my order within 5 days and the quality was excellent. Included in my first order was an order for stainless steel rings.....BBB's customer service was sure to check with me and make sure I understood the added difficulty using these rings. They were so helpful and prompted me to add a different set of pliers for use with them. Excellent service.....the heavier pliers made such a difference. I finally received the orders from the other suppliers.....one took 2 weeks to get here and I was sooooo disappointed. Their bright aluminum rings were dull and tarnished. BBB's aluminum rings, on the other hand, are gorgeous.....shiny and smooth....just beautiful. BBB is the best....no reason to look anywhere else. Any difference in price is more than worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. –– D. Mattar, USA

12 August 2011 I've been weaving chainmaille for approximately 9 years now (self-taught). Even though I've been in love with the look of dragonscale, I've been too scared to try it. After weaving a your Celtic Visions Star kit and using your instructions, I decided to try your Dragonscale Kit. Your instructions were lengthy but easily understood. I had no trouble finishing the bracelet and loved working it up. Thanks for your great site! –– A. Hardin, USA

03 August 2011 I recently placed a fairly large order of about 50,000 rings and the turn around time was awesome. With the exception of one size that had to be special ordered, everything was done in just a couple of weeks -- polished/tumbled, bagged, tagged, and ready to go. Aimee was a big help in helping to make sure I didn't forget any items and suggesting compatible rings for some of the weaves I wanted to do. Jason, Emily, and Kat did a great job in filling my order. And Rebeca provided some great humor and encouragement. Hats off to the B3 crew for another successful order. –– R. Westwood, USA

29 July 2011 Today I had a private two hour Spirals 1 lesson with Kat. EXCELLENT in every way - Kat's informative, descriptive teaching style, the written instructions, and materials. Thank you. After I practice, I'll return for more. –– M. Enright-Olson, USA

20 June 2011 Hi, I purchased the Chained book after seeing it in the Spring 2011 Wirework magazine. I placed an order online and decided to purchase the book while waiting for my order to arrive. I purchased it on June 10. By June 12 (only 2 days later) I had already made 2 bracelets. Since then, I have to say I am hooked. I have even been able to make some of the advanced items. So far I've made the following:
6 Bracelets (including 2 from your Bold & Brilliant Byzaninte kit
4 pairs of earrings
2 Necklaces
5 pendants (including 2 form your Celtic Vision kit)
And today is only June 20!!! When I show family and friends what I made they are shocked! Imagine....only 10 days!!!

I had thought to make chainmaille jewelry before, but was always so intimidated by the books and magazines. The instructions never made sense. I am sooooo glad to have purchased "Chained" I now have a new skill that will last a lifetime. Thank you!!!
–– M. Pizarro, Brooklyn, NY

17 June 2011 Always love receiving packages from you, as the contents are such a treat to make!! Am slowly converting my little part of the world to chainmaille, and having a great time doing it! I can't praise the team highly enough - your customer service is always fantastic. If you ever decide to look for distributors or ambassadors in the UK, I'd certainly be interested ;-) Really hope we'll see some new kits soon, and that Rebeca's got ideas for another book :-D Keep up the fantastic work, guys, you're all legends! –– S. Anderson, Devon, Great Britian

17 May 2011 You have been very responsive to me and I thank you for that. I think your company is the very best and most cooperative. I have absolutely NO bones to pick with you....believe me! For heaven's sake, do not go away, except for a well needed vacation now and then. Respectfully yours, M.B.M. –– M.B.M., USA

13 May 2011 I have only this to say: After only one purchase from you, I have decided to switch to you as my preferred and primary supplier. I don't ask for much, but you far exceed my expectations. Thank you kindly for being so amazing. -Sinna Ogle –– Jessica Ogle, USA

10 May 2011 I just want to let Rebeca know that my father also died of pulmonary fibrosis, in 1998 at the age of 76. I deeply appreciate that she has provided a bracelet that helps to contribute to PF research and, in a sense, to commemorate my father. I love B3 for many reasons, and this just adds to my love. Thank you! xoxo Meridy –– Meridy Migchelbrink, CA

10 May 2011 I love your site, your jump rings & I'm addicted to your book Chained! Thanks!!! –– Daleann Stark, KY

03 May 2011 I just had to comment on your website! I'm new to the computer world, just got my first one for christmas (at the age of 57) It's never too late. Most of the sites I visit, you spend most of your time waiting for the page to show up or to go to a new location. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has better things to do. I would rather be "maille-ing"!! I will definitely be back tomorrow to order the new book "Chained", and of course some rings. Thanks! –– starla nicholson, TX

29 April 2011 Hi Guys, I'm so excited. I'm waiting for my arrival of my first chain mail kit. I've been dabbling in wire wrapping and am enjoying it alot. But I just got the book Chained and I love her designs. However you were out of the ones I wanted to start with. So Please stock up again. I'm ready to play. Thanks Alice Scott –– Alice Scott, VA

24 April 2011 Excited to start –– E. Kaplan, USA

18 April 2011 Awesome chain maille techniques and supplies. So glad I found Blue Buddha Boutique!:) –– Lori, USA

19 March 2011 What a great web site. So organized and informative. Really customer friendly and easy to navigate. I don't find that a lot. I found you looking for rings and I am very glad I did. thanks –– Rania Nelson, USA

18 March 2011 Love the rings I ordered, and the customer service is definitely among the best. But the best part of B3 are the awesome tutorials- Rebeca seems to be the only person who could teach me the Byzantine and box weaves! Maybe I just need to be taught a certain way, but its nice to know that if all else fails, a B3 tutorial will teach me what I need to know! Thanks so much! –– The Artsy Bibliomaniac

09 March 2011 I really enjoy my book, I take it where where ever I go. I try to study it . I dont know if I will ever know the math. But that is there are nice people answering the phone, they are a great help! TY suzy –– Suzy, Livonia, Michigan

25 February 2011 Rebeca: Isimply LOVE LOVE LOVE your new book,CHAINED!!!!!!!!! I simply cannot wait to start making all of the stunning jewelry. I am a total newbie to the art of chainmaille and Iam so glad you have included the tutorial section in the front of the book. This is going to be very helpful. Keep up the good rather great work!!!!!!You are a very talented designer/artist !!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Debbie Spreder –– Debbie Spreder, Wilder, Kentucky

17 February 2011 Dear Rebeca, I have recently become interested in making chainmaille jewelry. I borrowed a handful of books from the library to do research on it. When I got to reading your book 'CHAINED', I thought to myself, I do not want to return this book to the library. I knew what that meant. I had to buy this book. It is so informative and I love how your personality shows threw in your writing. Fun! I wish we were neighbors so we could (play) make jewelry together.=) Sincerely, Jody Wilcox –– Jody Wilcox, USA

27 January 2011 I am new to jewelry Making and felt I had found the pot of gold upon finding your website. –– D. Wollesen, Foresthill, CA

27 January 2011 My friend Nancy has offered to get me started. She also recommended your web site. I'm happy she did! –– Yvette Pirie, USA

24 January 2011 I'm sincerely impressed with the breadth of your ring selection, the prices, and most of all, the level of service. You guys are the greatest! –– Meta, in Qatar

24 January 2011 I just bought your book "Chained" and I can't wait to devour it word for word! Such an inspiration! I wanted to tell you what a wonderful book it is, especially for me, as I am a beginner in chain maille. Thank you for finally writing a book that I can understand and that answers all my questions. I am recommending this book to everyone! Thanks again! –– Erin Howard, USA

21 January 2011 Your book CHAINED is even better than I expected. Just finished the X-Lock bracelet in argentium and gold-fill LOVE IT!!! –– Melinda F.

19 January 2011 Hi! I am new to chain maille but I am hopelessly hooked on it now! You're company looks to be fantastic! I am ordering some things today! I am also trying to educate myself as much as possible about the history and technical aspects of making chainmaille. It is truly fascinating! –– Laurie Bowen, USA

18 January 2011 I can't say enough about B3! I just put in another order -- my customers love your aluminum! Thanks so much from Canada, where we think that you guys are awesome!!! –– Joanne W.

11 January 2011 You all are amazing!!!! Truly phenomenal customer service, stellar project design, amazing selection, and unbelievable kits/tutorials - it just doesn't get any better! You have a dedicated follower for life here! –– Marge H.

10 January 2011 Thank you for the great service, even though I am in Australia I only have to wait a bit over a week for my deliveries and I love the little extras in the bag. –– Joanne Harrison, Australia

29 December 2010 Great projects. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. –– Marylou Tyler, San Francisco, CA

16 December 2010 just found your book chained and learning about chain maile and supplies we don't any here in ky. ohio indina area thank you !!!!!!!!!!!! –– lawrence hensley, burlington, ky

13 December 2010 Rebeca, Met you at the One of a Kind show in Chicago (I had a circle ring you commented on... I know you met hundreds of people!). Love your work and didn't realize that your gorgeous necklace was "Best of Show" at the time and featured on the show shopping bags. What a thrill! (and with so many amazing artists, too!) You certainly deserve it. lovely, lovely, lovely.
All the best to you.
–– Kris

13 December 2010 As a member of the Handmade forum I received an email announcing the book "Chained". I was so excited to know about this, I come right here and purchased my copy. I am self taught and some of the instructions seem to be a little difficult to read and understand. After reading the blog about how Rebeca teaches I felt that her instructions would be easier to understand. Her methods seem to be similar to how I approach teaching when I am involved in the instructional end of things. Thank you for the inspiration and much success in the future. –– Amelia Heisey, Waldorf, MD

12 December 2010 I love your site, A friend introduced me to your web-site, I love your kits and look forward to ordering from you soon –– Darlene Jennings

8 December 2010 I just put in my first order, and have not even received it yet, but, I downloaded the dragonscale directions. I have tried this weave with four other sets of directions, and failed miserably. This morning I am weaving dragonscale!!!!!!!!! Now I can't wait until my rings and kits arrive. Thank you ever so much for having such wonderful offerings. I am ordering the Chained book today. –– Toni Peckenpaugh, Seeley Lake, Montana

4 December 2010 i just got your book chained it is fabulous,best chain book i have seen instructions are the best easy to understand i recmen your book to anyone who wants to learn chainmalie –– renee yvonne aubuchon, st louis, missouri

4 December 2010 just finished making a teal and brown dodecahedron, WOW i am thrilled with my results. the quality of the rings, the quality of the tutorial, the quality of packaging from bbb. thanks, i will be reordering. happy weaving. betty :) –– betty garner, alcoa tn

30 November 2010 I love what I see in your ads and in Step by Step Wire Jewelry. I am new to chainmaille, and have been beading for only a short time, but tried a chain maille kit and liked how quickly I got something that looked good. Off to order rings! –– Linda O'Brien

30 November 2010 Just stepped in to say Hello! Been reading your ads in mags and got curious. Gonna check out your site! –– Tanya, Massena, NY

24 November 2010 I'm new to Chain Maille, and when I found your site I was amazed at all the different things that could be done with those little jump rings, I have a stash of rings just for practicing, and have put together and taken apart with them. After viewing all the beautiful designs, and reading other's comments about how they enjoy and even love Chain Maille I think I will have to place an order and get busy making some of these lovely items. Thanks Blue Buddha Boutique! –– Veronica Hatcher, Cumberland, Virginia

24 November 2010 I thank you for knowing and showing new ways to make weaves,that were easyer.I enjoy looking at your designs. TY –– Suzy Collins, Livonia, Michigan

22 November 2010 Kudos to Rebeca!!
I received my "couldn't wait for" pre-ordered copy of Chained today... it's amazing!!! I am an advanced chainmaille artist and I have several books on it... this is the best ever! Even though I am familiar with most of the weaves, there are still some great tips and spins in this wonderful book. The book is great for beginners as well as expert chainmaille weavers. I am also a graphic designer by trade and this book is beautifully designed... very well written, easy to understand and beautifully photographed. I will recommend this book to all my maille buddies!!!
Thanks for the wonderful publication!
–– Karen, Valkyrie's Adornments

21 November 2010 This is where all my money goes! I love this site! –– Dana McElroy, Los Gatos,CA

13 November 2010 I was so impressed with the customer service! My review here was linked with my order and a personal thank you note was written on my order sheet. That took effort on someone's part to put two and two together. I've commented on that to everyone at work about that being THE example of making a customer feel treasured. Well done! (Just placed another order - including for a signed book. Can't wait!) –– Kara J. L.

9 November 2010 I am very interested in your classes. I see from poking around the site that you are moving. You're currently about 2 miles from me. Hope you aren't moving very far. –– Rod, Chicago

7 November 2010 I enjoy looking at your site almost everyday because it is beautifully inspirational. I started learning chainmaille when I became curious about your ad in one of my magazines. Since then I have been self taught through the free tutorials and just by looking at the work. I love your bright aluminum. This is fun fashion jewelry for me, so I don't do sterling. I have purchased 3 of your instructions. I love how clear, simple and colorful the instructions are. I have made all 3 pieces and will be repeating them with some variations. I have purchased jump rings from others and yours have been the best in quality and price.
Central Florida appears to not know chainmaille. I would love to start something here but don't know how.
Keep up the great work. Oh, my chainmaille partner emails you with questions, I got her started in this and she loves it too. She commented that you respond quickly. That is great customer service, thanks. Thought I'd share my thoughts
–– Rosalia Martin, Kissimmee, FL

4 November 2010 why must you have such an expansive selecton...my choices would be easier if you all had only 2 types, or 2 colors...(wink) Sincerely Amazed, Lisa –– Lisa Valiton, Franklin

10 October 2010 I received your address about 24 hrs ago. I have been studying chainmaille for 2 months. I was having trouble because I bought a couple little kits from Unkamen gifts. They recommended you, and showed me some examples on YouTube. Well I have to tell you your form of teaching had me mailling in 12 hours!!!! I could not believe it. I used a little bit of markers on my rings, and now I know the BYZANTINE! I thought I was too old - 60 in a few weeks. Next is the spiral and smaller rings. I love the look of small rings. One of my kits is stepping stones or something with lots of rings. Thank you, Suzy –– Suzy Collins, Livonia, Michigan

9 October 2010 I have been checking out your site, nowhere in Idaho does anyone sell this stuff! Love the patterns and how they look. –– Madonna Fowler, Ammon, Id

2 October 2010 Just learning how to make jewlery –– Glenda, Redmond, WA

1 October 2010 I really do love B3 and the products they sell. The service is always superb and they really do go out of their way to help. I had a weave pattern that I wanted to use and did not know which rings to order, so I called to ask. They even knew the book and pattern I was speaking of and knew just what to tell me to order. I am so pleased that I am now a dedicated B3-er! Outstanding customer service. I have ordered a number of kits as well, and the instructions are wonderful. –– Devra K.

24 September 2010 I'm very interested in your new clasps. –– Estelle, Massillon, OH

20 September 2010 Tell Me, Just how does that cat make all his jewelery? I thought they slept 23 hours a day. Just wondering! –– Mike Hohe

08 September 2010 wow, what a wonderful site!!! JUST learned how to make infinity rope and bizantine..... so beautiful.. can't wait to sort out what i want to order and get started on new projects. SO hard to narrow my purchases down to a reasonable amount! –– Trish, Prospect Park, PA

11 July 2010 Keep up the great work! –– Michelle Schwanz, Fond du Lac, WI

05 July 2010 I am very interest in this line of jewelry. Chainmaile. I first saw it at a street vendor, she gave me your e-mail address. it looks so complicated. Also want to see what else you have. –– Cheryl Kingsbury, Rochester, MN

03 July 2010 Just got turned on to your website. I do silversmithing and am excited to try my hand at chain maille!! –– Diana Gordon

16 June 2010 I have been enlighten on a new world of jewelry making when I took the chance and googles B3. I am so excited. I am currently studying about the jump ring. –– Rosalia Martin, kissimmee

10 June 2010 I'm new to chainmaille, but I'm hooked! Quite a few people in Step-by-Step Wire magazine cited your business as their supplier. I want to learn more. Do I need to set up an account with your website when I order? Impressive product - can't wait to try something new. Thanks. –– Tracey Edwards, Sulphur,OK

31 May, 2010 have seen your adds in several catalogs, and my daughter has bought from you so you come highly recomended. –– Emy Thompson, Cedar Creek

29 April 2010 I have been a long time customer of B3. Can't think of anyone else that comes close in customer service, quality, helpfulness, and knowledge! –– Ann S.

20 March 2010 I finally got around to trying a pattern from the Blue Buddha Boutique and I must say I LOVE IT !! It's the Rondo a la Byzantine! YOUR TUT IS FABULOUS!!! Very helpful, precise and yet not skimpy in the 'how to' areas, great pictures with light backgrounds - wonderful use of colors to help keep things clear - I've never seen anyone else use a 'project overview' and your's is SUPER!! (great for those of us who like pictures and hate to read!! Haha) I just had to drop you a note and say I'm totally impressed with how you do things!!! Very nice!! And a big THANKS!! Sure makes learning a new stunning pattern EASY!! I'm thoroughly impressed and rarely send out kudos like this (hardly anything but basics to praise!) - your tutorial is way over the top in my book. –– Nancy Barnhart, Salome AZ

20 March 2010 I just received my first kit from Blue Buddha and I am absolutely delighted with the colour range of the jump rings. As soon as the kids are in bed I let myself loose on them lol –– Beading Buddy

13 March 2010 I have been making chain maille for about 3 years now. I make most of my own jump rings of various materials and I get kind of tired of that. I don't get on the computer very often so when a friend of mine sent me your website, I have been thrilled. You offer alot of things that I had no idea how or where to get them. Thank you so much!!!! –– Laura, Belen, NM

13 March 2010 Really beautifull creations –– Michael Mitchell, Mornington, Australia

6 March 2010 Just checking out the site. I am looking for a supplier of jump rings ..have become passionate for chain maile jewelry. My customers like it because it is different. –– Deborah Hammons, Danville, OH

2 March 2010 I've bought colored rings from other stores but didn't get nearly the quality of BBB. This is my favorite place to buy jumprings. Excellent customer service and quick shipment. –– Kelly H.

10 February 2010 I can't wait to work with my new stuff –– Sonya Johnson, Tullahoma TN

9 February 2010 Excited about finding your web-site through Wirework magazine –– Gayle Raymond-Smith, Maple Ridge BC

31 January 2010 Just checking out the site. I have been making jewelry for about 3 years and am just recently getting interested in chain mailing –– Jeanette Bussen, Blaine MN

28 January 2010 This is a bit late in coming, but I was blown away by BBB's customer service in the pre-Christmas frenzy. They converted ring sizes for a particular project I wanted to make as a gift to match sizes they had available, and then warned me that I had probably ordered rings (Stainless Steel) that I would find challenging to use. They were able to swap out Aluminum rings for me, though it dropped the cost of my order for them, and provided a refund to my credit card. My project turned out beautifully, and was done well in time for Christmas. These folks are the Best! –– Sherrie W. B.

25 January 2010 I would just love to say how thrilled I am about your site. Especially the various kit availability. I can not wait to send my order in to you and ge started on the designs. I especially love the kits with the niobium mixed in with the sterling. –– Samantha Ferrari, Islip Terrace, NY

16 January 2010 Great Weaves! Just browsing the Gallery is awesome. Very inspiring! –– Judy Blakely, Highland, NY

16 January 2010 i am new to chain maille, my sister gave me a terrific book to learn from and your website will be very helpful. thanks again, cmac –– Cyndi, Merrimack NH

14 December 2009 Want to learn to chain maille, but I have a whole bunch of jump rings now I acquired in an odd way, and they are tooooo hard to bend! It feels like they are steel! I would like to try yours. So here goes! –– S. Lee Evans, Pahrump, NV

8 December 2009 BBB has always been incredibly helpful and responsive- I continue to be amazed at how quickly my orders are shipped out despite the impending holiday season. Time is especially critical for me since I'm just starting up and only have so much time available, so the fantastic quality and 100% useable rings are invaluable. Thank you! –– Jen R.

5 December 2009 Just wanted to say wow! I have never done chain mail before. Ordered the caterpillar bracelet kit. I completed it in 4 hours with my PDF instructions. It is so beautiful. I got it in aluminum though and should have gotten some other color than amber beads. It is so substantial. A real conversation piece. Thanks for the red rings. For a moment I thought I ordered something until I saw it was a gift. Anyone new should just jump in! I do have a jewelry background so having all the tools already was handy. I will order from you again soon! –– Jennifer Mahaffey, Rising Sun, MD

30 November 2009 Hi! I'm a French Canadian who recently took a course of 'Byzantine chain mail'. And it open to me the world of rings! I'm so happy to find your tutorial and supply. Great Boutique! And Bravo! –– Natalie Lemay, Quebec, CAN

4 November 2009 Got told gooood things about your site and thought i would come check it out. You can add me to your email list if you want. –– Sandy Rohn, Willamina, OR

1 November 2009 Wow, so happy to hear of your continuing success. Can't wait to look at your tv appearance!! YAY!! Lisa Crone A Bead in Time, available for preorder on Amazon.com –– Lisa Crone, Westerville OH

1 November 2009 I am interested in learning chain maille so was glad when I saw your ad in Bead and Button. –– Diana Morelli, Billings MT

31 October 2009 Love love LOVE you guys!!! –– NotNillaDesigns, Rochester NY

15 October 2009 Kat's classes ROCK!!! She is a fab teacher and very thorough. I just finished a 5 weeks stint with her at Lillstreet. I'm addicted to chainmaille now thanks to her . . . Can't wait to take another class. –– Toni, Chicago, IL

13 October 2009 I am new to the world of chainmaille but I love it and BBB is my favorite place to shop and learn. Someday I hope to be able to visit in person, not just online. I am amazed at how fast they ship my orders. I also find that when I place an order, I have more I want to order. The instructions are easy to follow and the finished pieces get so many compliments. I look forward to a long relationship with BBB and to see what new beautiful items they invent. –– Jody W.

11 October 2009 cool site, just getting started, –– Pete S, Waynesboro, GA

8 October 2009 I recently ordered the Rondo a la Byzantine tutorial and although I have never worked chain maille before (yes, it was a bold move!!), I found the instructions very clear to follow and I am completing my first bracelet – in the smaller, more delicate version, no less! –– Eni Oken, Los Angeles, CA JewelryLessons.com

26 September 2009 I am glad to find a supplier for jump rings –– Marilyn Anderson, Sun City Center, FL

26 September 2009 Hi Rebecca, I just endorsed you for the award. Good luck! Stephanie –– Stephanie Riger

19 August 2009 Just wanted to send a big thank you to Kat for the workshop at Niles Library. My girlfriend and I were complete beginners and we were just so thrilled to walk out of that abbreviated class with a whole new skill and a big new passion! It took us quite a while to sort out those 'aliens', but you were so patient and thorough, Kat. The shower curtain ring demos were ingenious. Can't wait to try another class!! Fantastic!! –– Mia P, Glenview, IL

15 August 2009 Just wanted to say Thank You to Kat. I took her class Wednesday at the Niles Library. She did a fabulous job! I am wearing my bracelet everyday and have received lots of compliments. Thanks again Kat! –– Leslie, Niles, IL

29 July 2009 I was browsing the Internet for a place in the States to buy rings and came across your site. I have been on here for about an hour and am delighted with what I see. I have been getting my rings from Canada but the next time I need rings I'll come here. I have been doing chainmaille for 10 years now and love it. –– Sharon Daniels, Columbus KS

28 July 2009 I really appreciate that everyone I've spoken to at BBB is friendly. Your customer service is tops! Thanks. –– Leayn T.

13 July 2009 I want to thank you for the nice little mat and the extra pkg of rings I get with all my orders. I am 76 yrs old (that was hard to write) and my hands were not what they use to be but I tried anyway. I started with the Maru bracelet and it came out lovely as I did more bracelets I found my hands were stronger I find this is wonderful for me anyway. I have been pleased with anything I have gotten and hope to get more. Thanks! –– Erna B, Cranston, RI

13 July 2009 Your service is awesome. I order and bam - it is here. Wow! Thanks. –– Shirley F.

8 July 2009 I want to thank you for the great directions I bought and downloaded from your site. I have several books, a video and numerous other tutorials for the dragonscale and yet I was unable to get it to work for me. I went to your site to give it one last try. It took some time but I finally accomplished my goal! Thanks so much. The way the directions were written was as if I had a person there pointing out all the little hidden points for the rings to pass. I love it! Keep up all the great work and I've already sent many people to your site. I visited your booth at the recent B&B show and talked with some of your girls. They were the nicest people you could ever meet! –– Maureen Martinek, Syracuse

20 June 2009 I am a beginner and Rebeca's Mesh and Rossettes was my first attempt. as I purchased the kit in jewelry brass. The jump rings were a beautiful clean cut. The amount of rings was ample for two bracelets and came with two sets of toggles... The easily downloaded PDF instructions were a breeze to follow due to clear highlighted photos. The troubleshooting portion of the lesson was helpful. I made my first maille bracelet in a couple of hours in 1 afternoon session!!! Thanks Blue Buddha... –– Joeanne M.

15 June 2009 Thank you!. Got my order in 3 business days after you were at B&B for a week. You people are workaholics! Guess thats a sign that you love your jobs. And the order is PERFECT. I am so excited to play with the rubber rings, thank you for such swift and perfect processing. –– Kathy, NV

1 May 2009 Just found your site in June 2009 Bead & Button Magazine. Love it!! –– Gem Montgomery, Chandler, AZ

28 March 2009 I absolutely love your jump rings and the quickness of deliveries! I can't wait to upgrade to precious metals –– jazmyn

20 March 2009 Rebeca, Your chainmaille scarf (?) is unbelievable! Will You bring it to Milwaukee? I would love to see it in person. –– Maureen Martinek (AKA Beadinghearts), Syracuse, NY
Blue Buddha replies: Yep, the scarf will be at Bead&Button! Along with one of Vanessa's epic projects, either the shrug, or her new jacket, or both! Whew!

13 March 2009 I love learning and making chainmaille and I really enjoy your website. It's easy to use. –– Becky A. Brefol, Cincinnati, OH

13 March 2009 THANK YOU. Thank you thank you!! I ordered my kits the morning of the 10th and they arrived in CA today 10AM mail. GREAT service. Plan on many more. I have an internet shop on ARTFIRE designsbyCHAZ you have a great website and lots of good stuff. Thanks again Blue Buddha –– Chuck Seyfried, Del Mar, CA

05 March 2009 Blue Buddha Boutique is fabulous in every way! They sell top-quality merchandise for all of your chainmaille needs, teach an amazing variety of classes, and their customer service is unsurpassed. I have taken many classes with Rebeca and Vanessa, and both are fantastic teachers. Every time I take a class with the staff at Blue Buddha, I learn something new and become more addicted to chainmaille. Keep up the good work B3! –– Jackie R.

27 February 2009 Just finished my first kit, the Japanese Lace bracelet, and now I'm hooked!! –– B Dutenhaver, Cedarville, OH

15 February 2009 Glad to have found you! –– Jo Anne, Kissimmee, FL

12 February 2009 I placed an order on the internet on Sunday and it was in the mailbox when I got home today. You'all made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. –– Zora, Albuquerque, NM

12 February 2009 Great website and info! –– William McNerney, Crystal Lake, IL

11 February 2009 just a quick note to let you know that our rings arrived today and we were just so impressed with your standard of service and the super fast delivery (and of course the rings) - you are definitely one of the best!! > ab :) –– Ab Brown, Gympie, Australia

11 February 2009 I just wanted to say Blue Buddha Boutique rocks.Thanks for the fast shipments and the fantastic rings and awesome kits. Will be back for more. –– Fred, Shelby, NC

9 February 2009 is there some kind of chart to indicate what the sizes are say from little to bigger. I'm just getting started and am not yet sure on sizes. –– Dawn Kiriazis, Canton MI
Blue Buddha replies: Thanks for your message. Our jump ring sizes article in our FAQ should help you greatly. There are a few charts at the top that show the size of the ring (make sure your printer is set to 100% when printing!). Then, the Inner Diameter chart should help also. Part of the chart is online, but you'll see a link to the left of the chart to download a PDF that has full conversions up to one inch. If you still have questions, please just let us know! We have interns here who can test patterns for you so that you can be sure you're getting sizes that'll work for your project!

11 January 2009 I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Blue Buddha Boutique! Thanks a million for filling my orders in good time - every time! I am glad I found you. I knew nothing about chainmaille last year and then I started ordering your colored annodized aluminum jump rings from your company and WOW - I learned the Persian, Spiral, European and Helm weaves one after the other! I am constantly thinking of new ideas ! I have to say that the COLORS of your rings alone INSPIRED me greatly! I have not seen something so beautiful for a long time as your colored annodized aluminum rings! (P16's) :) Thanks again! –– Wendy M, Winnipeg, Canada

7 January 2009 I absolutely LOVE your website and business! I've ordered from you many times in the past year, and am NEVER dissatisfied. Rebeca - I look up to you!!! :-) I've made your Japanese Lace bracelet many times to raving reviews - only I triple the D 20 rings. It looks spectacular! I just wish you were in Florida - I'd probably live in your store!!!! Keep up the great work! –– Nicole S. Hale, Jacksonville, FL

18 November 2008 First, your website is amazingly clear and easy to navigate. I learned about you from someone I met at the bead shop where I work part-time (Happy Beadium in Edgebrook). Second, I have been doing maille for a couple years now, all self taught, and have been making ALL my own rings. Now that I know that there is a local source for ready-made rings, I will more than likely be visiting your shop. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting your opinion on some of my pieces (I'm a big show-off, sue me). –– Jed Hardacker, Mount Prospect, IL

10 November 2008 I received my pliers today! Way faster than expected THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! OMG what a difference a quality-purpose designed tool makes! My hands and wrists may survive this addiction. Thank you. I will be back! –– Vanessa Hopson, Stuttgart AR

8 November 2008 Blue Buddha's anodized aluminum jumprings are light-years ahead of any other I've ever found. When I received my first order from Blue Buddha, they MORE THAN EXCEEDED my hopes and expectations!! Just the fact that I am able to be joyful has me positively thrilled! I love your rings - they are pristine and as perfect as I could dare hope for. I've purchased anodized jump rings from a few other retailers and had always found the quality to be sorely disappointing. So, I decided to try Blue Buddha ... and held my expectations as low as possible. But I did keep quietly hoping for the best. When the rings arrived, I didn't even have to actually apply the pliers to any creation to know that these are 100% A+ in quality. And now, after having made quite a few pieces with the gorgeous colors, I can cheerfuly offer you my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations! You've now earned a fan and a customer for life! –– Darcy Shepherd, Reston VA

27 October 2008 I'm so happy I found you! I will definetly be doing all of my business here for my jump rings! You shipped both of my orders very quickly, and thank you for the free sample of colored jump rings!!!! –– Laurie, Mesa AZ

20 October 2008 I heard that you are a good source for jump rings so I am just checking you out. –– Pat Koehler, Muskego WI

15 October 2008 I just received some AA rings I bought, and I am very happy. It's so nice to have a dependable supplier in the states! It was such a hassle having to wait almost 3 wks. for delivery from Canada. I will be a steady customer. Thanks again! –– Andrea Tibbitts

5 October 2008 I spent four hours today with Kat who showed me various weaves. She's an outstanding teacher and very patient. I highly recommend taking classes here. –– Cheryl Solomon, Chicago IL

30 September 2008 What great customer service and your rings are beautiful. Just what I expected. Thank you. –– Theresa Anderson , Las Vegas, NV

18 August 2008 Great site and great supplies, very timely delivery. –– Kathy Johnson, Marlborough, MA

14 August 2008 I love your site ... such nice work. I have just started working with chain maille, and I hope to incorporate it into my work. –– Beth, Austin, TX

30 July 2008 I've met you at a few shows. Wish I lived closer so that I could take your classes. –– Barbara DeYoung, Pittsford NY

8 July 2008 I love chainmailling and am interested in using nobium with other metals (copper, silver, etc.) I like the Japanese snowflake, the Byzantine, and Harlequin patterns. –– Nancy Luts, Madison, NJ

7 July 2008 I love your site! The fact that you have quality anodized aluminum jump rings at such affordable prices is a miracle in and of itself. I'm a chain-mailer, and am really just getting started with creating my own designs, so having a site like yours where I can find my supplies readily available is really fantastic. Keep up the good work! –– John Ferra, Laveen, AZ

7 July 2008 Very happy to have stumbled upon your site - it's informative, user-friendly and has some beautiful designs in the gallery. My order arrived today and I was impressed with both the speed of delivery and the quality of the rings. Oh and thank you for the complimentary rings included – a pleasant surprise! –– Vanessa Edwards, Adelaide, Australia

6 July 2008 Hi BBB, I met you in Milwaukee!!!! You have great stuff :) I can't wait to see more!!!!! –– Jan (Jan's Bead Palace), Aurora IL

6 July 2008 I really love your site. I got a lot of ideas from it. Your do great work. I hope to get there some day. My first project was a dragonscale bracer for my husband, which turned out great considering I had never made anything like it before. Now I am really getting into the chainmaille and I am going to start making pieces to sell. Even my 4 year old daughter is wearing a practice braclet I made. It is very time consuming so I just try to have fun with it, I hope everyone else who works in this does the same thing. Good luck to everyone. –– Catrina, Las Vegas NV
Rebeca replies: Wow! Props to you; I can't even image doing a dragonscale as a first project. Way to go!

2 July 2008 I love shopping this site for supplies and ideas for jewelry making! My items always arrive soooo quickly. Thanks for being such great enablers :-) –– Allison, Mooresville, NC

30 June 2008 I just found chainmail jewelry this weekend, and I can't WAIT to make some of my own! From what I see, your kits and supplies will get me started off just perfectly! Thank you! –– Glenys, Eagle River, AK

23 June 2008 I met with you at the Bead&Button Show and enjoyed talking to you and bought some product from you. I hope to get going on the jumprings very soon. Thank you for your help. –– Carolyn Eland, Green Bay WI

19 June 2008 I'm really enjoying browsing your site. You are very talented! –– Marianne Johnson, Mankato, MN

18 June 2008 Thanks for the speedy service!! Awesome! –– Carolyn, Tomball, TX

18 June 2008 I'm new to mailing and just found your site a few days ago. I love it. I already placed an order for some colored rings. I can't wait until they arrive. –– Lori Pilla, Westford, MA

16 June 2008 Met you at the B&B show the other week, and bought a kit (Celtic Vision). Love your stuff! –– Lori, Aurora, OH

9 June 2008 I saw you at the Bead & Button show and was immediately impressed. I bought instructions for several of your designs. I haven't had a chance to make anything yet, but the instructions look very clear and the pictures are great. I'm looking forward to making these pieces and will definitely be coming back to your site for more! –– Renee Goodwin, Raleigh, NC

6 June 2008 I have ordered from this site twice and been amazed at the speed that my orders get here, that and I just love the rings I get. I am relatively new to chain mail but have been around long enough to be able to do the basic weaves and consider myself thoroughly addicted. Thanks again. –– Rebecca Powell, Maple Valley, WA

3 June 2008 I have gotten into chainmail quite recently and am hooked. My sons have the only mom that makes them chainmail cuffs and other cool items! –– Michelle Gordon, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

27 May 2008 I have ordered twice from you and the rings were wonderful and the instructions clear. Thanks for providing great service and products. –– Deb Sarchet, Millersburg, OH

20 May 2008 I found you on the web and just received my first order which was placed on Thursday (received on Monday). I am so very pleased with the speedy deliver and the rings are beautifully cut. I do look forward to finding more options in chain weaving as I am a beginner and am so very eager to learn more. Thank you for your prompt professional service and beautiful quality of rings. –– Deb Sarver, Rapid City, SD

13 May 2008 Just received my 1st order and can't wait to buy more! I love learning new crafts. –– Becky A. Brefol, Cincinnati, OH

10 May 2008 Just found your site from a link in the LE forum!! Great!! I have just taught myself maille, and I love it!! So great to find a place to order. Thanks for being here. –– Pat F, Reedville, VA

1 May 2008 I really enjoy your website; it's the very best I've come across & trust me I've been looking hard & long, all winter in fact. –– Carol, Limousin, France

22 April 2008 Hi, just to let you know that my order arrived safely this morning and I can't wait to get started on my projects. I think your website is fab, its a shame there is nothing similar in the UK. Happy mailing! –– Vikki, Birmingham, UK

14 April 2008 What a fantastic web site! I've been looking at all the chain maille sites out there, and the beginning kits offered are a bit on the pricey side. Thank you so much for offering a couple of basic patterns for free so that I can check this out and see if I really like it and can do it before investing a lot of $$$. I've downloaded the 'wiggle' and can't wait to give it a try. –– Melissa

13 April 2008 Love you guys, the ideas, the rings and the service. The rings are awesome, did I mention that? :) You are my one and only for rings! Finally a place I can understand (being blonde having nothing to do with it!) and your website is easy to navigate. Keep it up! –– Cyndi Russell, Janesville, WI

24 March 2008 I love your site! I have recently taken up trying my hand at chainmaille and am already hooked. I look forward to a long relationship with Blue Buddha Boutique! –– Beth Muffley, Bethalto, IL

20 March 2008 Wow! I found your website in an article in the April Bead&Button magazine. I am going to have to frequent your site more often. I love the selection you have. Can't wait to explore some more when I have time! –– Anna Harmanson, Kingsley IA

11 March 2008 I'm looking forward to receiving your newsletters. Your maille designs are original and unique. I've ordered two of them so far. Can't wait to try them. –– Elizabeth Calafiore, Palm Desert CA

7 March 2008 I received my order. I am impressed with the way you package your kit directions!! Thanks so much for going a set beyond to help me keep everything organized. I love my bulls-eye earrings I was able to create with your precise directions. I am very happy with your products! –– Sukey Rankin, Hagerstown, MD

22 February 2008 I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with your service and the quality of your product. I placed an order on Tuesday 2/19 and received it yesterday. The rings are absolutely gorgeous and beautifully cut. Thank you so much for the awesome quality and professionalism. I will be back! –– Jennifer G, Ypsilanti, MI

31 January 2008 Thank you for a wonderful site, uncluttered, tidy and so wonderfully easy to navigate. Thanks for a fantastic site! –– Julie G, Maddington, Western Australia

22 January 2008 I am a brand new mailer and chose your site to begin my new adventure. Everything seems well organized and understandable. I will be placing my first order today. –– Robin B, Richmond, VA

28 December 2007 Your designs are absolutely beautiful. I wish I lived closer so I could take a few of your classes. –– Noemi Long, Odessa, TX

11 December 2007 Great website, love the rings! –– Mary, Mamaroneck, NY

10 December 2007 Congratulations and best wishes on your new space! How exciting. I just wish I lived closer so I could take advantage. =) –– Viva Metal Jewelry, Philadelphia, PA

8 December 2007 Congratulations on the new space!!! Can't wait to see it. –– Kerensa P, Chicago, IL

6 December 2007 Congratulations on your new store! –– Mary Wink, IL

18 November 2007 Your instructions for the Dodecahedron/Japanese Ball were *so* much easier to follow than any other ones I've found. I got it on my first try! And my cat promptly claimed it as her very own, so it looks like I'll have to make another one for myself! –– Hayley E, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

11 November 2007 Your work is gorgeous and your website is phenominal. I am just breaking into weaving and I was able to decipher (I think) which rings to buy and patterns to print from your site. Trust me, I have spent countless hours searching other sites. What a surprise to get my rings already, it has made my weekend. Thanks for loving what you do!! –– Patti Copps, Baltimore, MD

1 November 2007 Your jewelry looks great and it is different. ––Marge Love, Wheeling, IL

16 October 2007 I took the intro class earlier this month and I loved it. Thank you! –– Katherine Schultz, Chicago, IL

7 October 2007 Rebeca, I love your site - your designs are spectacular! To a novice mailler, you are quite an inspiration. If you ever hold any classes way out here in the burbs, I'll be there. –– Cindy, Hampshire, IL

3 October 2007 I wanted to let you know I received my order today much to my surprise and glee. I am extremely impressed with your business and quality of product! I look forward to placing more orders with you, I believe you have the best service and materials around!!!! Great job! Thanks again. –– Zena, Orlando, FL

3 October 2007 Just sent in my first order, I can't wait to get it! Your design gallery is very inspiring...I just wished I lived closer to be able to take advantage of your classes. –– Lynn, Underwood, IA

27 September 2007 Just wanted to let you know that I think your site is awesome. Incredible service!!! Your rings are fantastic! I felt like a kid at Christmas, not knowing what weave to start on first. I look forward to future orders and ideas. –– Libby Cooper, Louisville, KY

12 September 2007 I appreciate the extended variety of rings and gauges available. –– Patricia Wolff, Ann Arbor MI

29 August 2007 I just learned how to make chainmaille a few weeks ago, and I am so pumped to begin. But I am having a hard time finding the tools to make the rings, and the different patterns. I have learned bird cage, box, flat box, & persian. I look foward to buying many items from you (I luv the colored rings) to create my chainmaille. Thx. –– Brandie, Sydenham, ON Canada
Rebeca replies: If you have questions before you place an order, just let me know. I'm happy to help you with any information I can. I know it can be confusing, with all the ring sizes and weave possibilities out there!

15 August 2007 Just a quick note to let you know the rings arrived yesterday. WOW that was quick...and they will be perfect. Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service. –– Laurie B, Bremerton WA

15 August 2007 Awesome customer service! Speedy shipping! I just wanted to drop a quick note to compliment you on not only the quality of your rings but how quickly you fill the orders. I have ordered from you several times and I can count on a package arriving at my house within three days of my orders! It is always good to know that once I get an idea I can get the supplies and start working in a couple of days. Thank you! –– Susan P, Sterling VA

10 August 2007 I received my order yesterday - wow, that was super fast! I am very excited because I am going to be making my first Byzantine bracelet. I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service and the free sample! And your web site is amazingly helpful and informative - FAR BETTER than any of the other chain maille sites! Have a wonderful weekend! –– Michelle P, Stamford CT

13 July 2007 I just wanted to say 'WOW!' I took the beginning chainmaille class the other evening at Caravan Beads and loved it! It was so much fun. I immediately went home and went online and ordered chainmaille supplies. In literally less than 24 hours, I received my order. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic customer service and the promptness of completing my order. Thank so much and I look forward to taking more classes and ordering more supplies! –– Pamela, Chicago IL

1 July 2007 I just wanted to thank you for the stellar service. I have completed two projects and look forward to many more. Your service is excellent and the products arrive so quickly. –– Dorothy S, Redmond WA

30 June 2007 Rebeca, thanks again for the great classes at Bead&Button! This was my first try at chain maille, and you made it very easy and simple to learn. I have already sold a bracelet since returning. can't wait to make more! Thanks again! –– Leigh Beaumont, Metairie LA

19 June 2007 Great fast service and awesome kits. Wish I could have been at the Bead and Button Show so that I could have met you personally... Thanks again for such fast service and your great instructions. –– Linda H, Garland TX

7 May 2007 I am so glad I found your site! I ordered rings on a Thursday and found them waiting for me in mymailbox on Monday! WOW....that is some great customer service!!! You have found a customer in me. Thanks so much!!!! –– Karen, East Pittsburgh PA

16 March 2007 Your instructions are so clear and well-photographed that I could make beautiful chainmaille jewelry the first shot at it! I do believe I have been to every chain maille site there is out there, and I always come back to yours, cause it's like coming home. –– Nancy Sherman, Sparks NV

15 March 2007 The Maru was only my second attempt at chainmaille, the first being the Bulls-Eye earrings that I purchased from you also. I just love your kits; they are so clear and easy to follow. Can't wait for my order to get here. I am obsessed with this, as is my daughter. –– Jean F, Chicago IL

22 Feb 2007 Your rings are beautifully made and a joy to work with. The instructions I ordered were very clear, well thought out and easy to follow. Can't wait for the color rings to be available. Keep up the amazing work. –– Donna, Boulder CO

10 Feb 2007 Hi, I love your work, and you have a great website. I'd like to get down to IL for a class some day, too. Or, maybe you'd come to Madison some day! –– Nancy Stoebig, Madison WI
Rebeca replies: I'd love to travel to other states for workshops. If you know of a good location to host a class, please let me know. (Plus, I'd love to go to WI as my Packers-mania isn't always well-received in Chicago, for, er, good reason. *wink*)

25 Jan 2007 Just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased (and amazed) I've been with the speediness of my orders. I also wanted to let you know that your bracelet kits, which I ordered previously, are great—meticulously packaged, clearly labeled, and with ample extra rings to accommadate klutzy beginners. The designs are also exceptional. I particularly like the way you use smaller rings at the ends for a more finished look. –– Elisa Eiger, Montville NJ

18 Jan 2007 WOW...I am glad I found your site. –– Ryan Montgomery, Woodstock IL

8 Jan 2007 I got the earrings promptly when you sent them, and have been enjoying those and the other earrings I purchased at the DIY trunk show tremendously! I get compliments on them every time I wear them. Thank you again for the custom order and for your lovely jewelry! –– Jen Small, Chicago IL

7 Nov 2006 Wow! Love the great response time and customer service! Thank you. –– Kathy Simmons, Seattle WA

26 Oct 2006 Love your website. –– Nancy, Sante Fe Springs CA

05 Oct 2006 Do you have any plans to make a kit for the Ripple necklace? It's definitely the boxchain weave, but soooooo much better. –– Marcia Gilbert, Noord, Aruba
Rebeca's update 15 Feb 2007: Great suggestion! I've been working on kits in a few metals, and will get them posted soon. (Computer woes held me up, otherwise they would have been posted already!)

23 Sept 2006 The information on aspect ratio and ring sizing, inches mm etc is the best I've found. With it, I've finally got a grip on aspect ratio. Thanks so much. –– Karen Tande, Plover WI


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