Introductory Level

Shaggy Scales

by Rebeca Mojica

With Shaggy Scales, even folks brand new to chainmaille can create some serious "wow"!  With this project, you'll learn how to add colorful anodized aluminum scales to your chainmaille. Use the instructions below to create a standout bracelet and/or pleasantly jingly earrings.  You can use all one color of scale or a mixture of colors for added interest.. 

Once you've learned this weave, you'll be ready to conquer Rebeca's Elemental Leaves necklace!

Example to the right uses fire mix.

Here are some possible color colorways to inspire you:

AA Scales - Peacock Mix  AA Scales - Persian  AA Scales - Rock  AA Scales - Earth  AA Scales - water  AA Scales - Fire

Instructions - Either Hand