Intermediate Level

Majestic Maille

by Rebeca Mojica


Learn to create a chunky, textured bracelet that looks impossibly complex but it easy enough for an intermediate level chainmailler to make.  Majestic Maille uses Rebeca’s signature technique of taking a basic weave—in this case Helm chain—and building upon it with layers of ever-increasing intricacy. The results are stunning - you'll love saying, "I made it myself!" with this impressive piece.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves, including the Building Block:

Chainmaille Building BlockBuilding Block Required
Majestic Maille uses the techniques learned in our Helm Chain tutorial. Please make sure you are comfortable with this weave before proceeding, as steps for creating this base are not included in this tutorial.

Other colorways for inspiration:

color combinations  color combinations


RIGHT-handed Instructions

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LEFT-handed Instructions

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