Advanced Level

Jens Pind 3 Linkage (JPL3)

Jens Pind (pronounced “Yenz Pin”) Linkage is a repeating pattern of 3 "planes" of spiraling rings.  JPL can be quite tricky to learn. Once mastered, this weave is very versatile and perfect for necklace chains, bracelets and even earrings.  This tutorial offers detailed step by step instructions for creating this weave as well as tips and troubleshooting to help you conquer it!

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Jens Pind 3 BraceletIf this is your first time creating this weave, we recommend using 3 colors/metals in the same size to better keep track of the pattern.

Once you've conquered Jens Pind, try the expert-level tapered ring size version: Just One Ring Jens Pind Necklace.

Proficiency in at least 5 chainmaille weaves.

RIGHT-handed Instructions

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LEFT-handed Instructions

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