Intermediate Level

Japanese Flower

by Rebeca Mojica

Use tiny rings to link larger rings into a flower pattern. Customize your piece from a large palette of enameled copper or niobium jump rings. You'll have leftover rings to use in earrings or other pieces. Note that this weave is simple, but using the tiny rings (especially the niobium/sterling combination) is challenging and requires a steady hand!

Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves.

For your kits, please choose two colors of rings that will be the two colors on the flowers. If you only want a single color, choose the same color for both options. The large rings, clasp and connector rings (used to join individual flower units) will all be the same metal color, either aluminum, copper, jewelry brass or sterling silver.

Example shown uses a silver kit with spring green and mermaid; you can achieve a similar look by purchasing an aluminum kit with lime and blue (or turquoise) rings.


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RIGHT-handed Instructions


LEFT-handed Instructions