Intermediate Level

Elfweave Braid

by Rebeca Mojica


Elfweave is a lovely weave that is rarely seen in a "rope" form (vs a sheet, or cuff, form) because the weave is not stable on its own. With this project, you'll learn how to create Elfweave and add additional rings to the back of the weave, thereby anchoring it in place. You can create an all-solid metal piece, but it is highly recommended to learn this weave with colored rings.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves.

Note: While conceptually this is an intermediate level project, some people may find it a bit difficult to work with the thick 16 SWG rings (1.6 mm wire diameter), making it more of an Advanced-Intermediate level.

The example shown uses bright aluminum with pink and brown anodized aluminum rings.

Once you've conquered Elfweave Braid - take this weave to the next level with Elfweave Variations!


RIGHT-handed Instructions

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LEFT-handed Instructions

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